amateurs of earth sciences
Because i was frustrated
on 2 accounts


Following searches on the world market, one realises that all existing presentation stands are designed to mount items that are mass produced, of predictable shapes, stereotyped and generally "flat" ( books, pictures, plates, photos...).

Wowever, fossils and minerals, are all teh gifts of an unpredictable nature. They all have volumes, shapes and dimensions that are different and irregular and moreover problematic.

On this subject, i had one or two ideas.
It is a secret that i will share with you on one condition: You must tell everyone about it....
I wanted to design, patent and manufacture a display stand that had been totally rethought, was practical and above all useful for amateurs of earth sciences in order to support, exhibit and photograph our minerals and fossils without difficulty.
Morover, as i had taken my retirement,deservedly or not... I had the time and the possibility to pursue this idea. The basis of this idea: a painter, a photographer. In effect their tripod, adjustable in 3 dimensions is always in equilibrium, standing on 3 points, on any uneven surface ( tarmac, fields, mountains ).
Therefore, if we turn this upside down, evry object will be balanced on 3 points of varying orientation in space.
Thus was born the presentation stand.


Of all the photos of minerals and fossils shown on the web or elsewhere, only one surface is always visible. It is also frustrating for us when it is so easy to show 2 additional faces behind, with a classic camera, using mirrors appropriately positioned. This arrangement, easy to achieve, is described on the page titled "3d" views.
These views will fall into place by means of the geological guide which will lead you to the "3d" photo gallery after clock 1 and clock 2

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