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"3d" views
Using an ordinary camera
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Definition of "3d"

"3d" = 3 faces that is to say 3 views, from 3 different angles.
Explanations for building the lab.
( a dimensional example )


1- One 110 cm by 100 cm plywood panel 18 mm thick. Cut a 120 degree angle on the 100 cm width.
2- Two metal angle strips
( v at 90 degree ), fix them with 2 or 3 screws under each side of the 120 degree angle. Provide oval holes for the screws to allow some play in fastening against the mirrors.
variation: cut a slit in the wood and fit the mirrors in.
3- Two mirrors
( 60 cm by 60 cm ) slide them vertically brtween the angle strip and the plywood. Each mirror reflect a different view of the back of the object.
4- Two
rigid plywwood vertical blinds in polystyrene ( L80 cm, H60 cm, T2 cm ) to blank out the surroundings. Along the height of 60 cm cut a grooveat, at least, 2 cm from the edge and 1 cm deep. Slot the mirrors in the grooves.
lighting from above is preferable in order to illuminate both front and back, with artificiel light or not. It is essential that both the fossil/mineral and the camera lens are placed precisely along the bissection of the 120 degree angle. It is advisable to use a zoom.
Once built,
and it is simple to do because each part slides into each other, it is easily dismantled, allparts can be stored flat

deux miroirs  

Nota bene: the 2 back faces will be very visible and unobstructed thanks to the 2 rear stems of the presentation stand which are very discreet.

Some "3d" photos of earth products... as an example.
Thus, could they be "3d" photos of minerals, fossils or any other object, they will surely enhance your website.
Finally, the geological guide will lead you towards the "3d" gallery and the geological time scales as clocks representing the proportional duration of each era or epoch, clock 1 and clock 2.

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