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Seen... under a different angle
Seen... on a different display stand

A different angle

On the internet one only sees photos of fossils takenin a "lunar" way. ( Oh yes, that does exist ). One neversees their "hidden side" because these fossils or minerals are always photographed from one side only. This is frustrating.
Lovers of fossils and/or mineralsenjoy holding them, turning them over and admiring them from all sides: Oh yes we are all the same!!!
This is impossible to do on the net. But if you use "3d" viewing it becomes easy.

A different display stand

Obviously, nature is not a factory manufacturing standard objects. Each of its creations is unique; therefore different from each other. It is always a problem to present fossils and minerals because of their shapes, volumes, dimensions.
Think of your ammonites, sea urchins, plants, bivalves, nautilus, quartz and all the others. Whatever their shape, how can we always hold them steady and present them aesthetically ?
This is now possible by using the new "3d" display stand.

Here are some examples of "3d" photos, fossils and other produce from nature.

The geological time scales: Geological clock 1 and Geological clock 2 are followed by the "3d" photo gallery.

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