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socle horizontal

2 sizes : small and large comprising each:

- 1 Horizontal base with 8 to 14 holes ( according to size ).
It is provided with a label holder to help with identification of the minerals, trilobites, ammonites, urchins, bivalves, vegetals and other dinosaurs.
- 3 Vertical stems.
Those stems fit in the holes according to the shape and size of the mineral/fossil and according to the angle one wants to obtain. The stems support vertically the weight of the object, thus totally resistant to crushing. Each stem can be shortened, if required.
- 1 4th cross-stem.
It is strengthened against ben ding and swivel on itself, allowing for a lateral rear support. It thus adds 2 more support points ( by removing the 3 rd back stem ).


3 tiges verticales

- with only 2 sizes, one gets 6 spans at the front ( 4 - 5,5 - 7 - 8 - 11 and 14 cm ), 10 spans in depth from 2 to 12 cm. In all 32 positions.

More over, in "3d" photography, the rear threadlike stems allow for clear rear views. The unobstrusiveness of the stems will come into their own in the geological guide and the photogallery in paleontologie and mineralogy.
For all minerals and fossils, we get a stand that is genuinely multisize, adjustable, modular and adaptable.

Additionally, the following accessories are included :
- One semi-rigid label and one self adhesive label to fix to it
- 3 soft caps, slip proof, to protect and give stability to delicate pieces.

Important : the labels come in sheets of 15 units, which can be individually printed thanks to a free on line program.
Space saving : all the bases small or large can be stacked one in another.

paleontologie   mineralogie
  largeur profondeur hauteur width depth height
Small size 87 99 76 3 3/8 3 7/8 3
Large size 155 153 112 6 6 4 1/4

Aspect: transparent
Material: bases : PS crystal, Stems : PA 66 fiber glass.
Other aspects: Speckled, coloured, and so on ...
As a special order, as a batch.

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