amateurs of earth sciences
From the formation of Earth
At 0 hour, 4,5 billion years ago
Earth formation at 4,5 G years
Appearance of Hominids
AT 11 H 59' 20''



O hour : called the Meteorites, nebulous formation of Earth. During the first millions of years, gravity did itswork of differentiation amongst the different constituent of matter.
From about 500 million years, Earth started to cool down, it is 1h 20', the continents appeared at about 2 o'clock.
At around 4 o'clock, that is to say, 1,5 billion years later, life makes a timid appearance with the Australian Stromatolithes ( blue algae ).
3 billion years later, Ozone appears. It is 8 o'clock.
Around 10 o'clock, that is to say, 4 billion years after the formation of Earth, life starts to germinate on Earth, 600 million years ago, with the Collenia.

On our clock it is 10 h 15'.

Then the eras follow : Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and finally Quaternary, during which appear the first Hominids, 3 million years ago at about 11 h 59' 20" ( at the last news ).

When you read this line it will be 12 h.

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